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Interior design trends for 2021

We continue to make adjustments to the year 2021 after living through a challenging and social distant Covid-19 year 2020. Adapting in new ways to go back to our relationships with family, friends, co-workers and improve the much needed harmony in our homes, décor, spaces and comfort to all members at home. In this article you will find 4 trends that I have noticed being used in 2021, continue reading to learn more.  

1. Interior design and the pandemic:

COVID-19 has changed our daily life in ways we would not have thought of. Families were forced to spend more time at home needing all members to keep organization and cleaned areas. Kids need space for home schooling and parents worked from home in the same space. A difficult situation for families with limited space and not ready for this abrupt change.

 The result of the pandemic is the adaptation of our homes and apartments to this new conditions. Interior designers and architects have been helping interested families in renovations as they are still required to continue working from home.

 Here are some practical tips you can implement: 

  • Spaces with sufficient lighting: use light color paint on the walls and revise the locations of lamps and artificial lighting to maximize where it is needed the most and be able to use natural light in the areas where it is available.
  • Minimalize the quantities of ítems you have on your decor as this can be a dirt trap and there will be a constant necessity to be cleaning this áreas. Glass, metal and washable fabrics help mitigate the spread of bacterias.
  • Divide work and study areas in order for both to be able to have online meeting without interruptions. Share with the family the importace of these spaces and that all items should stay on each on these areas.

Fresh air circulation at home. I live in Florida and open the windows early in the morning before the scorching heat arrives to let air circulate through the house. 

Darcy jones office space  open space office     natural light                                                                                                                                                                                       

 2. Easy to clean fabrics:

We are noticing a surge of more educated customers on fabrics types and brands, after Covid-19 we are all trying to keep our home as clean as posible for longer periods of time.Fortunately fabrics like the Sunbrella, Maharam and Stison among many others are easy to clean and good for high traffic áreas. Easy to follow steps for cleaning, water, soap and dryer will bring these fabrics back to their new state.

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3. Mid Century Modern style:

 It broadly describes architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (roughly 1933 to 1965, though some would argue the period is specifically limited to 1947 to 1957)

This is a style that we are seeing more of in 2021 it can be because of people are moving from the city and these furniture pieces were designed to be mobile and lightweight for city residents who moved frequently. All of that still plays into the way we live today. Some interesting details of mid-century modern are:

  • Functionality is important, as form follows function
  • Uncluttered and sleek lines with both organic and geometric forms
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • An exploration of different traditional as well as non-traditional materials
  • The juxtaposition of different, and sometimes contrasting materials
  • vast range of color, including colors from neutral to bold, and graphic use of black and white.


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4. Outdoor spaces:

Do you love outdoor areas? So do we!! Some ideas you can integrate in order to create an outdoor zen is hang plants, create a green wall or even a small floor garden.

Add comfortable seating areas and small tables but remember the sun and water can be harsh on furniture and fabrics, so always use fabrics that are made to be used on outdoor areas.


 Let us know how your 2021 style is going and if you need any advice on what is trending on interior design and need to add pillows on your space reach out to us.


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