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Polyester or Feather Pillow Insert?

Which Pillow Insert should you choose?

My clients always ask me about the ideal pillow inserts. Currently, there is a great variety of alternatives that make it difficult to make a decision, therefore, to solve this concern I decided to write this article in which I explain some types of pillow inserts and recommendations for the choice. I invite you to read it.  Let's start!

Feather Pillow Insert 

 Feather inserts

Feather inserts derive from animals, usually Ducks and Geese. The 10/90 feather pillows are at the entry level suitable for decorative purposes. The number means they are filled with 10% Down and 90% small gray feathers. The cover usually made of white cotton fabric, "down proof ticking" will keep feathers from coming out and noiseless (the fabric will not make “crackling” sounds). The 10/90 Feather inserts work really well for your home Decorative pillows and are moldeable into creating the "karate chop" look which gives a sense of elevated elegance.

(Keep in mind Feather inserts are not recommended for commercial projects.)

Feather inserts are machine washable but be patient on the drying process as it might take a couple of cycles for them to be completely dry, if not these will get clumpiness and odor. I find feather inserts work better in cold weather areas as they tend to store heat. In hot humid weather areas these pillow inserts feel hot and a bit humid and might need more maintenance so that no odor starts to develop.                                                                                                                 I recommend using a size 1" bigger than the pillow cover, if your cover is 18”x18” use a 19”x19” insert to get those corners nice and filled


"Down-like" or "Down alternative" Polyester insert

These are my favorite!

Down alternative insertMade of a "Polyester GEL fiber these are very soft without bounce. What does that mean? when these inserts are “karate chopped” they stay chopped, and won't bounce back to their original shape, very similar to feather inserts.  Down alternatives are manufactured with the intention to mimic the true down pillows and so provide soft to firm comfort level. They are also less expensive than the down pillows and are naturally hypoallergenic so they are good for those who suffer from allergies.                 For this type of inserts I recommend using a size 2" bigger than the cover, for an 18”x18” use a 20”x20” poly insert.


regular polyester insert100% Regular Polyester Insert: Polyester fiber, Soft, very bouncy and resilient. Will not do a karate chop and will bounce back to its shape every time. Good for kids rooms or areas where you want perfectly square looking pillows all the time. 


About Karate Chopping

Karate chopkarate chop

One of the reasons for "karate chopping" your decorative pillows is that to make them look more elegant as it creates two surfaces that reflect light in a more interesting way. This really shows off the fabric and creates a more luxurious, opulent look. Chopping can also make some prints look less uniform and this can make things like spots or stripes look less bold, more casual and the pillow looks comfortable.


I hope these recommendations clarify your doubts about pillow inserts and make it easier for you to make a decision when buying your decorative pillows or recommending them to a friend. Remember to visit www.jaspidstudio.com to learn more about our decorative pillows.


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