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Pillows with Maharam Fabrics

At Jaspid Studio we love to innovate, to be at the forefront with textiles and to make pillows tailored to the requirements of our customers in their commercial and residential projects. In this article we will talk about Maharam and some of his collaborators. Let's begin!

Maharam Design Studio, based in New York, focuses on the research, engineering, design and development of textiles for interior decoration projects in commercial and residential spaces. It focuses on four main themes: utility, technology, tradition and luxury.  It offers a collection of textiles for chairs, walls, sales covers, systems and health care applications.

Many of the pillows we make are with Maharam textiles, special for commercial projects. See our Maharam collection and find the styles we have available for your projects.

maharam pillows  maharam pillows

Maharam has had different collaborators over time, in this case we will talk about Scholten & Baijings, a studio in Amsterdam created by Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings. They are characterized by making a work of furniture design and variety of products with clean lines, minimal shapes, simple geometric patterns and sophisticated colors.

Another collaborator is Paul Smith, he proposes the "Artist Stripe" style inspired by color combinations of Expressionism that are reflected in the print of the garments. He likes to differentiate each of his stores with an exclusive design and aligned to the place where they are located. Paul Smith is a compulsive collector and very passionate about design. We also find collaborator Sarah Morris characterized by using bold graphics, vivid colors and textures in her designs.

maharam pillows paul smith pillow  maharam pillow

If you like all these designs, we invite you to take a look at the collections available with the Maharam collaborators. Check out our blog and subscribe so you know more about modern textiles for pillows and interior decoration. 

Paul Smith Collection

Sarah Morris

Scholten & Baijings

Hella Jongerius

Sonnhild Kestler

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