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Cradle to Cradle fabric from Designtex!!

In 2013 Designtex came out with Loop to Loop fabric. A beautiful textile made out of recycled textile waste.

Designed by Designtex, woven by Victor from Unifi yarn for use on Steelcase furniture, Loop to Loop is the result of four companies working together to evaluate and reduce environmental impact within the textile industry. (Designtex, Steelcase, Unifi & Victor)

Not only is Loop to Loop created from recycled content from within the textile industry, it will also be designed and manufactured for future recycling. Most of the collected cutting waste from Steelcase was already post-consumer recycled fabric made from PET water bottles, which was recycled again into the new polyester yarn within Loop to Loop. This and future products within the collaboration will retain their raw materials’ integrity and value through multiple lifetimes.

Loop to Loop is a soft, thick fabric and it comes in a variety of color tones. This fabric can be used in a spaces like offices, lobbies and even residential areas. It feels like a heavy duty fabric but it is soft enough to be used for your home. See the colors we have available for pillows:


Want to see how the fabric is made? check out the video below:

Designtex: Loop to Loop Story from Designtex on Vimeo.


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